Our Certified Subaru Sales Staff

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  • Matt Campbell
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    Matt has been with McLaughlin for almost two years. He is a certified Subaru sales consultant that loves playing guitar with his son, who plays piano. He also enjoys eating healthy, being active, and spending time with his family. He loves technology and demonstrating the benefits of our products.

  • Brian Cox
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    Brian has been with McLaughlin Motors for 6 years.  He is a certified Subaru sales consultant, that enjoys DIY home rehab and spending time with his family.  He enjoys the fun and family friendly atmosphere and representing the best vehicle brands on the market.

  • Kim Hicks
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    Kim is a certified Subaru sales consultant that has been with McLaughlin for 6 years.  She spends her down time with her parents and her granddaughter. Her favorite part of her job is educating people about the unique differences that sets Subaru apart from other car brands. When she is able to determine the specific model that will fit her customers needs, it is a fulfilling transaction for both parties.

  • Kris Hutton
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    Kris is a certified Subaru sales consultant that started at McLaughlin in April of 2017.  His hobbies include playing and watching sports, golfing, and spending time with family.  He loves meeting new people and the family friendly environment at the dealership.

  • Shaquille Jalloh
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    Shaq is new to the car sales industry, having been a bartender previously. He graduated from Rocky in 2012. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, long walks, and working out. He considers himself a foodie. He also owns 2 pet snakes

  • Dan Machu
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    Dan is a certified Subaru sales consultant who has worked for McLaughlin for 16 years. He enjoys listening to music, golfing, and spending time with his family in his down time.  He also enjoys working with people to help them find the vehicle that best suits their needs, and the satisfaction they exhibit once all their vehicle needs are met. 

  • John Martinez
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    John began his career with McLaughlin Motors in 2018. He is a certified Subaru sales consultant that enjoys an outdoor lifestyle. He loves kayaking, hiking, and fishing. He also enjoys working out and working in his community. John loves that he gets to sell a product that he is passionate about (and drives.)

  • Matt Truitt
    Subaru Sales Consultant

    Matt has only been with McLaughlin for a few months, but has been in the industry for much longer. He is a certified Subaru sales consultant that loves playing music in his free time. He is excited to have joined the McLaughlin team because of their stellar reputation and customer focus.

  • Josh Young
    Subaru Sales Manager

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